Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Supporting our husbands

I've found many times in the past that I need to really be a cheerleader for my husband and I'm finding that I'm in that state again.  I know he has a heart for the Lord and is seeking His will and therefore, whatever he needs to do to listen to Him, I will follow along.  I know that as long as he is seeking God's will and listening for Him, I want to be there with him wherever God takes us.  When we were married 25 years ago, we became one flesh and since then, what affects him affects me and what affects me affects him.  So I find myself cheering for him, encouraging him, challenging him and enabling him to do what he needs to do in ministry and in life despite what that might bring our family.  I know God has great plans for him and we'll do fine no matter what. 

How about you?  Do you find it hard to be a cheerleader and encourager to your husband in his walk and his vocation?  What do you do to try to help him? 


Bitsy Griffin said...


What I do really depends on what's happening and how it's manifesting itself. He may need me to be a listening ear and only that. He may need to hear what I've got to say. Sometimes he just needs to know I'm available for either. I think those are the main ones. But I've gone places that wouldn't have been on my agenda and early on, I learned to be sociable wife to show my support in all the varied situations in which we found ourselves. While those aren't direct encouragements, they do let him know I'm behind him, supporting him every step of the way.

Carrie said...

Only when he's grouchy ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't find it hard at all to encourage and be a cheerleader to my husband. He's a great guy and loves the Lord so much, so I'm happy to follow him, encourage him, and be his cheerleader. :)

Great post, Ann! Doesn't matter how well we think we are doing, reminders are always good!