Monday, July 19, 2010

My menu plan for the week in the state I'm in

I'm officially shot.  We had SUCH a busy weekend and I'm finding I have no motivation for today.  So my plan, if I had my wishes today would look like this:

Monday:  Chinese
Tuesday:  Greek
Wednesday:  Mexican
Thursday:  Pizza
Friday:  Burgers/fries
Saturday:  great big salad from the salad bar at the supermarket
Sunday:  whatever hubby wants to cook

LOL.  Well, I'm going to get my wish for Monday. We're planning right now.  My 7 year old had three teeth pulled today (she had an abcess where she had loose teeth and new teeth coming in so the dentist pulled them all) and she'll have vegetable lo mein and egg drop soup.  We're going to have beef with broccoli and lemon chicken along with, of course, rice.  :)  I love my hubby. 

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