Friday, July 30, 2010

VBS Week aka I'm EXHAUSTED!!!

So this week was VBS week at our church.  My job is to run the refreshment department and we feed the children snacks all week and all of the staff and any parents who wish to stay for some refreshments.  These numbers translate to 420 children, 170 workers and who knows how many parents but I'd number them at least 75 myself.  So, this was a huge job.  Of course I still had my regular work, my horseback riding and my home to take care of so at this point, I'm laying on my living room couch with my feet up nursing a light headache and being ready to go to sleep right about... now!  Hubby and the kids are all up at church for the VBS fair which is where the kids "spend" the tickets they earned during the week on games, rides and fun.  It's been a glorious week but oh so exhausting!!  But we had many decisions for Christ, gathered hundreds of items of school supplies for a local ministry and will be able to help 20 students to be able to pay the $400 it costs for a bus to go to middle/high school from the dumps where they live in Nicaragua where we have a mission work.  Praise God!!  Here are some pictures someone just e-mailed me of our department and some of the food we prepared.  Oh, the last picture was taken today after most of our work was done so the kitchen is pretty quiet and some of us were having our OWN refreshment!

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