Wednesday, September 8, 2010

4 more days until the birth of Island Christian Church!!!

We had our staff day today at the hotel and it was our first time setting things up.  The PA system that Bob bought sounds GREAT and it wasn't TOO terrible to set up (and it was so easy to break down - Bob and I did it by ourselves in 30 minutes and that was with him figuring out how we wanted to pack it up!!).  Then tonight, we went out for a date and afterwards did an impromptu shopping trip where we got a bunch of stuff that still needed buying:  a new projector, a table for his laptop for worship, a Passport external hard drive so I can back up the church laptop with all the stuff on it (it's backing up now as I type), a custom made first aid kit for the nursery (the premade kits are so useless so I made up my own), guitar stands, music stands and ..... a large storage bin for the nursery (had to think of the one more thing we needed).  So I think we're just about ready for our first Sunday service!!  I'm SOOO excited to see what God will do with this new church.  :)  I'll definitely get pics on Sunday to share!

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GrammyGoo said...

Ann ~ We are so excited for you and all that the Lord will do through the ministry @ Island Christian Church. Your in our prayers~
Blessings, Ella