Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We had what was most likely our best trip ever this year.  We had gorgeous weather and instead of always traveling, we chose to go to our favorite spots and stay for a while.  So here's some highlights.  I'll post when I put the whole thing on my blog.  :)

We left on Sunday after church.  We had the boat fully loaded and just needed to take a few things last minute and we were off the dock by 2:30 which is amazing.  We headed to a harbor about 3 hours away and we actually were able to sail which NEVER happens on our first day!!

Hubby happy to sail

Robby enjoying that the boat is heeling - he's standing straight

View of the harbor we're going to the first night

The pretty lighthouse on the way to the harbor

From Port Jefferson, we were going to sail to Fisher's Island off the end of Long Island but the conditions were so good we decided to go straight to Block Island.  While we got there safely, it was not the best of ideas because there's a very rough area at the end of Long Island called the Race and we hit a wall of water there, soaking everyone and everything, and now we had a kind of rough ride to Block.  But we got there OK on Monday and we stayed there until Saturday.  The FIRST time we stayed in one place so long.  It was lovely and we took hikes, went to town, went to the beach and just hung out.  We met friends there and had a BBQ as well.

Hiking on Block Island - Nicole with Lauren behind her

The view when we got to the beach

Bob getting a little work in one morning (this is our cabin (bedroom))

Robby and Joanna playing the same morning in the "salon" (living room/dining room/kitchen)

The sun was too bright when we were going to have dinner so I hung up some of the wet towels to block it.

After Block Island, we went to Watch Hill, RI but it was kind of an icky day.  I didn't feel well so I got no pictures of this day.  We only stayed in Watch Hill one night and then we went to my favorite place:  Mystic Seaport in Mystic, CT.  Have you ever seen the movie Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts?  It's THAT Mystic.  Yes, we've eaten at Mystic Pizza and I can safely say it's way overrated.  :)

The Charles W. Morgan is the only wooden whaling ship left in the world.  It's been at Mystic Seaport for over 50 years and last year, she was hauled out of the water to do some major restoration.  It's AMAZING just how big that thing is!  It's 17 feet from the keel to the waterline (all the brown part at the bottom). You can still go on the ship even though it's out of the water!

10 years ago, the Amistad was launched.  It is a replica of the famous slave ship Amistad and is back at the Seaport for repairs that were suffered in a storm this year.  The Amistad had been in Cuba in March!!

A group of grown-ups went out to dinner together and the children all went to Friendly's.  When the adults got back to the Seaport, the children were putting on a play that is done a few times each day by the staff of the Seaport.  They knew most of the lines and of course ad-libbed a few too.  My daughter Nicole played "Scurvey Pete" who had a moustache so they decided to make duct tape moustaches.  Here are ALL our "actors" hamming it up.

After Mystic Seaport, we went to our last favorite place:  Hamburg Cove.  Hamburg Cove is off the Connecticut River and is about 8 miles up the river from the Long Island Sound (actually, technically at that point, it's called Fisher's Island Sound).  It's far enough up the river that it's fresh water so swimming is the thing to do.  There's a small marina and yacht club up in the cove a bit where there's a little shop for ice cream.  It's a most glorious place and we stayed here three days before we headed home.

Some pics from our dinghy ride for ice cream:

Sunset in Hamburg Cove - GORGEOUS!!

Our home away from home

So there you have it.  After Hamburg Cove, we came straight home in high winds, a broken engine and lots of clouds.  We were going to stay out until Tuesday but we heard about the icky weather so we came home Sunday instead.  It was a wonderful trip and we have some great memories and made some new friends as well.

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