Friday, October 1, 2010

The Ultimate Sacrifice

I knew there would be sacrifices in getting a new church started. There's lots of work, lots of effort involved but I never thought my kids would have to sacrifice so much.

See, we record our services on a small digital recorder. It's been working out great so far but this week, we have to have an outside service since the hotel was already booked for this week. So we realize that if there's ANY wind, it will ruin the recording. This is where the sacrifice comes in.

My husband needs fake fur and he forgot to go to the fabric store (that most likely won't have anything like this anyway). So he called them into the living room where we're sitting. He's asking them to sacrifice one of their stuffed animals.

"Does it need to be a lamb?" my dear son asks.


Carrie said...

Is it bad that I snorted? LOL!

Mamame said...

I hope not, Carrie, because Bob and I were hysterical!!