Sunday, May 29, 2011

ABCs of Me

I saw a friend do this and thought it would be fun!

Age:  46
Bed Size:  Queen
Chore I hate: Cleaning bathrooms
Dogs: Had one but she was put to sleep at 18 and since hubby is actually allergic to dogs, we've never replaced her.  We DO have a bunny who thinks he's a dog, though.
Essential Item for the start of my day:  Tea
Favorite color:  For decorating, it's green.  For wearing, it's black.
Gold or sliver?  Silver
Height:  5'3"
Instruments I play:  I used to play guitar but haven't played for years.
Job Title:  Mom, teacher, pastor's wife and media tech.
Kids:  Lauren, Nicole, Robby and Joanna
Live:  Long Island
Mom’s name:  Patsy - she passed away in '99
Nicknames:  Annie (from everyone), and an OLD nickname "Maime Durkin" by my Uncle Joey
Overnight hospital stays: 4 times for babies (90, 92, 00 and 02) plus staying in the hospital 2 nights with Lauren after her pancreatic tumor diagnosis
Pet peeve:  OH so many!!  Fresh kids, tailgaters, people throwing trash out of their cars are just a few.
Quote from a movie: Ours is better.  It goes to 11!
Right- or left-handed?  Right
Siblings:  Joe and Walt
Time I wake up:  About 8 am although I have periods of time where I wake up really early for some reason.
Underwear:  Absolutely!
Vegetables I dislike: pretty much just brussel sprouts
What makes me run late: my kids
Xrays I’ve had done:  head, teeth, shoulder, chest, pelvis
Yummy food I make:  You'd have to ask my family but I do have a number of great recipes that they all love.  They are all at my food blog -
Zoo animal that is my favorite:  All of them?  I love animals!

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