Monday, September 5, 2011

Organizing Update and It's Our Anniversary! (well, almost)

Well, I'm doing pretty well with getting organized but life keeps stepping in and side-tracking me!  But today I cleaned up the bookshelf at the top of our staircase where I keep school supplies.  It's outside the girls' room and they are the only ones upstairs so that hallway is a mess but I got the shelves cleaned and a lot of stuff tossed out.  Now to get the girls to clean the hall and we're in good shape up there!!!

Yesterday we celebrated with our launch team our one year anniversary and it was fantastic.  I have to say that this is the best team of people ever and we are greatly blessed to be working alongside of them.  The kids all had a great time swimming and we just enjoyed each others' company.  We look forward to the new year and what God has in store for us.  Our team has changed it's name from the "launch team" to the "ministry team" because we consider ourselves launched.  LOL  We've had lots of ups and downs but God is faithful and is leading us in where to go next.

Speaking of our launch team, could you please pray for a family on our team?  Jack and Nancy have been faithful workers and an integral part of the team.  They have two children, John who is 18 and has Aspergers and Jennifer who is best friends with my daughter and she is 9.  Nancy has battled many health problems and fell just over a month ago.  She broke her leg and had to have surgery to put in pins and she was in a wheelchair to get around while she recovered.  Well, just a couple of weeks ago, she had a seizure and died suddenly - most likely from a blood clot from her injury.  The poor family has had to deal with the sudden loss of a beloved wife and mother and just yesterday on the way to church, they had a serious automobile accident!  Fortunately, everyone is OK but their car is most likely totaled and since John was driving and it was his fault, their insurance rates are going to go through the roof and they are not well-off financially.  Please pray for peace, comfort and strength to all of the family.  They are great believers and have that assurance that they will see Nancy again but it is still so hard.

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