Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to make money with Swag Bucks

I've been doing Swag Bucks for a couple of years now but have more recently ramped up my earnings by learning to really use the site.  Here are some of the ways that I can earn at least $75 a month!

- When I get up, I start Swag Bucks TV Mobile and EntertaiNow apps.  I run one on my iPad and one on my iPhone and while the earnings are variable on these, today I earned 170 Swag Bucks by running these two apps.  On the TV, I tend to use the News category and on EntertaiNow, I use the TV Spots but have favorited a few on EntertaiNow that are only 15 or so seconds long and I just started to run through those favorites instead since it makes it go through much faster.  This definitely takes a few hours though.  I've found when the video ends, hit "Replay Video" and you will skip the ad - making it that much faster.  :)

- Once I get that going, I get on the laptop and get Games going.  You can play 10 games for 10 Swag Bucks. 10 games earns you 10 Swag Bucks.  I'll sometimes have my kids play these while I shower.

- Then I do my "Daily 4" which is the Daily Poll (gets me 1 Swag Buck), Encrave and the NOSO (gets me 2 Swag Bucks) - just skipping every offer in the NOSO.  This gets 4 Swag Bucks.  If you have downloaded the tool bar, that will get you another 1 to just use it for something (I check for Swag Codes).  You can continue clicking through the Encrave to get a bunch more one pointers and in most cases, you don't have to stay on the page to get the points.

- Whatever my NOSO captcha is, I now search on that term.  I almost never get it on the first page but will go through a few pages then go back to page 1.  I find I usually get that first search quickly IF I do it after the NOSO.  **Since the change of the homepage, it seems that searches are MUCH harder to get.  Keep plugging away.  You can usually get two in a day.

Something really important that I found was to join the Swagbucks Facebook page.  I can learn on there what is going on, when codes are out and when people start winning more than one search win (two search wins in a day = dubs, three search wins in a day = trips, etc.)  When I see people posting that they have dubs, I know it's time to do another search.  I find the crazier the subject the better - and misspellings are quite fine.  :)  It's a rare day that you can't get two search wins and about half the time or so you can get three search wins or trips!

- Next up is Swag Bucks TV.   You can watch any of the channels (some of them are really good - but of course you don't have to actually really fully pay attention to them) and earn 3 Swag Bucks for every 10 you watch.  You don't even need to watch the whole video but can click on the next one when you've seen the meter move up.  You're allowed to do 50 rounds of SBTV a day (meaning 500 videos) but that would take forever.  So all I do is just click through it whenever I can and get about 6-24 Swag Bucks a day from this, depending on how much I'm on the computer (I run them on the iPad as well and that's easier for me because I can be on my computer while I'm running TV on the iPad  and just keep clicking).  Hey, every Swag Buck counts!!

- Surveys can be wonderful (I earned over 300 Swag Bucks just today) and can also be a huge frustration.  First make sure that your entire profile is filled in.  An interesting new trick we JUST learned this week was to click on a survey and get to the screen that shows you the time for the survey, how many Swag Bucks you will earn and "Start Survey" button.  Under that button, you'll see in very small print "skip this survey and take another" or something like that (I'll check later).  I've been finding MUCH more success doing that - higher paying surveys and a greater chance of qualifying.  Know that most of us get disqualified - 9 out of 10 times probably!  But you'll get 1 Swag Buck for each disqualification from surveys (up to 5 from Trusted Surveys and no limit from Special Offers/Peanut Labs).

- Special Offers - In order to not throw the computer across the room with this section, go ahead and "like" the Swag Bucks Offers That Credit Facebook page.  MANY offers will not give you credit - and while you can submit "tickets" to argue the case, it's not always going to result in Swag Bucks.

- Videos - When you see any video on the site for 1 or 2 Swag Bucks, play them.  If you see Jun videos (you can tell on the lower right hand corner of the video), MANY times they will credit over and over again.  One day, I played a 2 Swag Bucks video 60 times.  Yes, I got 120 Swag Bucks just from playing a 30 second video over and over again!  I actually had to run out and had my kids play it for me while they finished school.  :)

- Tasks - I haven't done these a lot but when I do, I keep thinking I should do them more!  Some of them are a pain but some are really easy.  Try them out and find which ones work for you!  If you have problems, post on the Swag Bucks Facebook page and they will be really helpful!

- Coupons - Print out the coupons you want, use them and eventually you will get 10 Swag Bucks per coupon!!  That's like ten cents in addition to the savings on the coupon!

- Shop and Save - Check out the stores and if there are any stores you normally shop at, go through Swag Bucks and you can get a certain number of Swag Bucks per dollar.  These take about 30 days to credit but when they come through, they are great!

- Codes - these are tricky to find until you know what to do but follow the Facebook page and they will let you know when there is a code and what it is.  Codes are usually only good for about an hour or so.

- Finally, check out that goal on the front page.  Each day, Swag Bucks set up a goal for you to reach each day.  If you reach the goal in a day, you get 10% of the goal as a bonus on the 5th of the next month.  If you get 7 days worth of goals in a row, you will get an additional 25 Swag Bucks on bonus day.  If you get goal for 14 days in a row, you will get 100 Swag Bucks.  If you get it 21 days, you get 200, whole month is worth 300 extra Swag Bucks!  Add in the 10% of each day and it's easily a $5 Amazon gift card a month!

So, I get up, get the SBTV Mobile and EntertaiNow started.  I do the dailies, a search then look into surveys and do my games.  I work on it for about 30 minutes in the morning while I'm doing other computer stuff.  I'll then check in throughout the day, trying to do a few small things to get a few more Swag Bucks.  If I have enough time, I try a few surveys.  By the end of the day, I've usually met goal.  :)

And that is how I earn my Swag Bucks.  I've earned over 200,000 lifetime Swag Bucks meaning I've earned almost $2000!!!  Pretty cool!

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