Sunday, April 11, 2010

Life .... continued

So how is everyone doing? It's been just a regular old week for us with schooling, "stuff", church, etc. Today (Sunday) I missed church to take my second daughter to the college that she's going to be attending in September for their "Accepted Students Day" and we had a great time. We got some good contacts, some great advice and a lot of pens! LOL Now we're just vegging for a bit before running to the grocery store to get some food and get home before hubby gets home.

It's officially the beginning of the boating season. Set Free, our sailboat, got wet on Monday after being out of the water all winter and hubby is sailing it home as I type this. It was in the next harbor and what a beautiful day to sail home! We put the sails up yesterday so of course he's not using the engine right now since there's a nice light breeze and he's absolutely enjoying himself, I'm sure. Now every spare moment will consist of him saying "Wanna go to the boat??" LOL

One new thing for me is that I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and started PT last week. The first visit was nice and I felt so much better afterwards. The second visit on Friday?? OUCH!! LOL But no pain, no gain, right? We're working on range of motion so that I don't get to the "frozen" stage. Ick! Don't want that!!

Other than that, not much is going on other than life. Just life. Doing all the normal things I do day in and day out. It's a wonderful life but certainly not too exciting to blog on, you know?? I don't want to bore you poor people!

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Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

Dear One, you are never a bore! You're always doing something amazing.

I hope your hubby thoroughly enjoyed his sail ride home; and, I'll be praying the therapy helps heal your shoulder quickly and completely!